We are distributor of Beele/CSD in Vietnam supplying penetration system for cables and pipes.


Up until then, your choices were limited to either cumbersome block systems or messy casting compounds. Once Beele/CSD was introduced, it was clear that this was unlike any other system in history. Beele/CSD offered unprecedented fire protection, flexibility, and installed cost savings - all without the use of metal parts, casting compounds or mineral wool.


Cable/Pipe Penetration Products:


  • RISE: RISE® cable/pipe penetrations have been the product of choice for shipyards around the world for almost 20 years. The system is comprised of just two simple components - FRR/LEHF rubber for insert sleeves, filler sleeves and wrap and FIWA® Sealant, which provide the utmost in fire, water and gas protection.

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  • RISE/NOFIRNO: RISE/NOFIRNO cable/pipe penetrations are the latest introduction to the CSD/Beele family of passive fire safety products. Based on revolutionary new NOFIRNO® technology, RISE/NOFIRNO offers ultimate flexibility for sealing cable/pipe penetrations. The system is comprised of just two simple components - rubber insert sleeves and NOFIRNO® Sealant, which provide the utmost in fire, water and gas protection.

nofirno-pipe-1 nofirno-pipe-2 nofirno-pipe-3


  • RISE Ultra: RISE Ultra Crusher® system has revolutionized the sealing of plastic pipe penetrations. The system is comprised of just two simple components - a RISE/ULTRA Crusher® and NOFIRNO® Sealant. The system provides fire protection to A-60 and is also watertight rated.

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  • SLIPSIL: SLIPSIL® Sealing Plugs are the latest generation of the CSD Sealing Plugs, which have been used in shipyards worldwide for over 20 years. SLIPSIL® Plugs are made from high quality NOFIRNO® Rubber and are approved for all types of metallic and even plastic pipes!

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  • ACTIFOAM: ACTIFOAM® Temporary Seals for cable penetrations protect your installation while under construction or renovation. Fires can and do start during construction, before the cable transits can be packed. If the cables ignite, fire can spread rapidly throughout your vessel or rig, often with devastating consequences. ACTIFOAM® Temporary Seals prevent this problem. Simply pack the transit opening with ACTIFOAM® pre-slit pads and you are protected against the spread of fire. Material is durable and reusable from project to project.

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  • RISWAT: The RISWAT® penetration system is the leading choice for watertight, gas-tight penetrations that require no fire protection. This cost-effective system is simple to use with cable and single or multi-pipe penetrations. The system is comprised of just two components - RISWAT® Thermoplastic sleeves and DRIFIL® Sealant.

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  • DYNATITE: The DYNATITE® High Pressure Sealing System was developed for vulnerable areas that may experience severe instantaneous pressure caused by explosions, flooding or other disasters. The high-tech design of DYNATITE® actually allows the system to get tighter as the pressure increases. DYNATITE® was specially developed for application in columns in semi-submersible offshore rigs, following incidents where traditional cable transit systems suffered catastrophic failure under high pressure. There's nothing else like DYNATITE® to protect your critical systems and areas.

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