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RBK pro Description   Technical data Material   Feature
 RBK pro fuse disconnectors
RBK pro fuse switch disconnectors are designed for distribution of electricity and protection against short cir­cuits and overloads in three phase alternative current circuits. RBK pro fuse switch disconnectors are dedicated for applications which require reliability and safety like industrial low voltage distribution boards and cable cabinets.   RBK 00 pro In=160 A, Un=690
RBK 00 pro-V120 In=160 A, Un=690 V
RBK 1 pro In=250 A, Un=690 V
RBK 2 pro In=400 A, Un=690 V
RBK 3 In=630 A, Un=690 V
RBK pro meet technical requirements of polish and other european electricity boards and are conforming to PN-EN 60947-1, PN-EN 60947-3,IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-3 standards.
Fuse switch disconnectors RBK pro are made of plastic with the highest V0 flammability class according to IEC 60695-11-10. Fuse switch disconnectors made from such thermo­plastics self-extinguish in specified time after ignition source is removed. Also dripping of flaming parts of plastic does not occur.

- Triple pole switching,
- For installation on:
     - Mounting plate,
     - Double DIN rail with spacing of 125 mm or 150 mm,
     - On to 60 mm busbar system, top or bottom cable terminals,
- Arc chutes with steel deionization plates over top contacts,
- Possible cable connection: S-bridge clamp, M8 screw and V-

  shape clamp
- Possible sealing of a fuse switch disconnector,
- User can replace the fuse link while it is still hot after it  has

   operated, without touching it,

- Measuring holes to monitoring of the fuse state.


RBK 2 pro In=400 A, Un=690 RBK 00 PRO-V120 In=160 A, Un=690 V RBK 00-XT

Fuse switch disconnector can be equipped with electronic fuse monitoring module. Fuse link status (operational, operated, loss of voltage) is indicated by light-emitting diodes and status of relay contacts.




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